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Simplifying the Move to the Cloud

Cloud migration is a rage today. More and more companies are now utilizing cloud mistakes for their benefit. Opting for cloud mistakes is one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make; hence, avoiding cloud mistakes that can cost you dearly is crucial. 

Types of cloud migration strategies

In this post, we’ll share some of the top cloud migration that can cost you dearly. 

Here we go…

  1. Inaccurate assessment of your cloud migration needs

The first and foremost mistake that most companies make is the wrong estimation of their cloud migration needs. IT teams estimate future cloud usage based on existing infrastructure and resources. However, this method cannot precisely calculate the current workload and its nature. An inaccurate assessment of your cloud infrastructure needs can affect your bottom lines adversely.

  1. Common cloud migration: Transferring all data at once

Migrating all your data at once is one of the biggest cloud migration that companies make. Firms must plan their mistakes to the cloud in phases, beginning with non-critical or test data and then moving on to business-critical or sensitive data. Doing so will help you avoid risking your sensitive data. 

Moreover, Migrating the entire infrastructure and services to the cloud without understanding the requirements. Sometimes, organizations forget that not all apps are suited for cloud mistakes. You should always do a comprehensive review of the data and apps that should be migrated. 

  1. Not understanding the service level agreement.

Both you and the solution provider are responsible for certain aspects of cloud security when you employ a cloud solution. In the service level agreement (SLA), solution providers will establish precise duties for both themselves and your organization.  

This SLA should include details on the shared cloud responsibility model, which specifies what your organization and cloud provider is responsible for maintaining in terms of cloud security. You must understand the SLA in detail before you actually sign in the dotted lines. 

  1. Neglecting data cleansing prior to migration.

Organizations may have long-held data that is no longer relevant or useful. Such unneeded files will demand additional space in the cloud, resulting in an increase in cost if they are not thoroughly reviewed prior to migration. Cleansing the data before migration is indispensable. Doing so will let organizations avoid retaining “electronic garbage” in the cloud. 

  1. Selecting the service provider without much research.

The market is swamped with multiple cloud service providers. Choosing the best may seem like a task; however, it is worth it. Understand that not all cloud environments are built to fulfill the demands of every business. Hence, it is crucial to do enough research before you select one for your company. 

  1. Neglecting the advantages of hybrid and multi-cloud installations

 The field of cloud computing is undergoing transitions, and two of these transformations are on the horizon: the hybrid cloud and the multi-cloud.  

Ignoring the benefits of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments is one of the most common cloud mistakes that most organizations commit. Understand your company will be able to steer clear of cloud vendor lock-in and make the most of the benefits offered by multiple cloud service providers if you operate in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. 

  1. Ignoring security aspects – cloud mistakes

Your customers’ data security must be your primer responsibility. More often than not, cloud service providers guarantee security; however, a flawed application can still be hacked, which can cost you a lot. 

Financial data breaches have significant consequences. Data breaches, account hijacking, illegal access, and information abuse are some of the common security issues.  

Migrating to cloud computing requires data encryption and security testing. Hence, it’s advisable to read the cloud provider’s service level agreement (SLA) to learn about the vendor’s security requirements and the procedures you need to take to secure application security in the cloud. 

Wrap up

So, there you have it: the top 7 cloud mistakes that may cost you dearly. By avoiding these errors before cloud adoption, businesses can reap the benefits and embark on an exciting journey to the cloud. Before embracing the cloud, you need to conduct the necessary research to avoid these errors. 

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Vishal Rustagi

Co-founder of Metaorange Digital, Cloud Advocate, App Modernization, and Azure Certified Architect.

Vishal Rustagi has over 21 years of experience in the IT software and development industry, specializing in modernization and migration projects related to Cloud, DevOps, and Application. He is a certified TOGAF and cloud architect, with expertise in enterprise architecture and cloud computing.

In this blog, you will get to know some of the top cloud mistakes that can cost you dearly. 

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15 May, 2023


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