What is DevOps and Why do we Require it?

What is DevOps and Why do we Require it?

DevOps depicts the culture and a set of processes that bring development and operation teams together for complete software development. Organizations can create and tweak products at a swift pace compared to the traditional software development processes.

Also, it is gaining popularity at a rapid rate! According to the statistics of Deveops.com, the adoption rate has exponentially increased over the years. Also, the IDC forecast says that the worldwide market for DevOps software may reach $6.6 billion in 2022 from $2.9 billion in 2017.

What is DevOps?

DevOps- referred to as the amalgamation of the Development (Dev) and Operation (Ops) teams. To define it precisely, it is an organizational approach that allows businesses to have a faster application development with easier maintenance of existing deployments. Organizations build and create a stronger bond between Dev, Ops, and other stakeholders of the company.

It is not technology per se, but it does promote shooter and more controllable iterations adopting the best practices, advanced tools, and automation. Covering everything from organization to culture to business process to tooling for the business.

IDC analyst Stephen Elliot says enterprise investments in software-driven innovation, microservice architectures, and associated development methodologies are driving DevOps adoption, as is their increased investment by CTOs and CEOs in collaborative and automated design and development processes.

4 Reasons why DevOps is Important

Reason to implement DevOps

  • Maximizes Efficiency with Automation

The authority Robert Stroud exclaimed that DevOps is all about fueling business transformation. It encourages process, people, and culture change. The effective strategies focus on structural improvements that help build community. Any successful DevsecOps require culture or mindset change. However, the change must bring greater collaboration between different teams- engineers, product IT, operations, etc., along with automation to achieve greater results.

  • Optimizes the Entire Business

DevOps software has the biggest advantage of providing the insights provided. Organizations are able to optimize their whole system, not just IT siloes. It improves and takes the business to a whole new level of business success. You can be more adaptive and have a data-driven alignment with business and customer needs.

  • Improves Speed and Stability of Software Development

Multiple analysis by Accelerate State of DevOps Report shows that deploying DevOps organizations are better for software development and deployment. It helps in achieving speed and agility while achieving the operational requirement to ensure that your product and services are available to the end users.

  • Focus More on What Matters

What People are a critical part of the DevOps initiative who can increase the odds of success, for instance, DevOps evangelists. They are a persuasive leader who can illustrate the business benefits while eradicating fears and misconceptions. All this ensures that you have the most flexible, well-defined, adaptable, and highly available software.

Future of DevOps

Still, wondering why DevOps is important? The future is more likely to bring changes in organizational and tooling strategies. In the transformation, automation will remain a major component, and AIOps, or artificial intelligence for IT operations, will enhance the success of organizations that are committed to becoming DevOps- driven organizations. Automation, root cause analysis (RCA), machine learning, performance baselines, anomaly detection, and predictive insights are the elements of AIOps. IT operations teams will be reliant on this emerging technology to manage alerts and solve issues in the future.

Furthermore, in the future, DevOps will focus more on optimizing cloud technologies. The centralized nature of the cloud provides a platform for testing, deployment, and production, which benefits from automation.


The world along with all its industries has evolved with the deployment of software and internet in the business operations. Right from shopping to entertainment to banking software not only supports the business but has become the most integral part of the
business operations.

Know that DevOps is not a destination but a journey. You can use DevOps automation frameworks, processes, practices, and workflows to build security in your software development life cycle. It ensures safety, speed, and scalability while ensuring compliance,
reducing cost, and minimizing risks.


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8 August, 2022



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