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Cost-effective and secure SaaS product: Optimized for performance, powered by the cloud

Cost-effective and secure SaaS product: Optimized for performance, powered by the cloud

About the Client

The client launched a next-generation, SaaS-based application – a Netflix-style video library that aims provides a secure, scalable, cloud-based, remotely managed, multi-tenanted platform to monetize and stream videos, webinars, and events year-round through a branded video channel.

The application enables the delivery of highly mobile content, empowering organizations to be the go-to location for professional education and content.

With white-label branding, the client can launch their own video channel, sell videos, channels, and webinars, launch subscriptions with ease, run live streams and virtual events, engage and interact with online viewers, and deliver courses and continuing education, creating an engaged and connected online community. 


The existing system has been developed using the latest Microsoft technology stack .Net Core, including Angular 13 for the frontend, and deployed on AWS EC2 servers.

Several AWS services are being utilized, such as EC2, Lambda functions, S3 storage, and MySQL for data storage. However, the deployment process to the production environment is currently manual. 

The Challenges

  • The SaaS product offered by our client is experiencing rapid growth in user demand, which has resulted in scalability challenges. The current infrastructure and systems supporting the product are unable to keep pace with this increased demand, leading to performance issues and slow response times.
  • As a result, the user experience has been adversely affected. Our client is seeking effective solutions to address these challenges and ensure the product can continue to meet the growing demand from its user base. 
  • The client’s application deployment process is currently manual, resulting in significant inefficiencies and delays. This process involves deploying various application components, including Lambda functions, web applications, databases, and CloudFront cache, which has proven to be challenging to maintain consistently and correctly. 
  • In addition, the absence of proper firewall rules has made the application vulnerable to attacks and security breaches, causing concern for the client. Therefore, the client is seeking ways to improve the scalability and security of their application while also automating the deployment process. 



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