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High Availability Planned on Azure Cloud for Legacy Application

High Availability Planned on Azure Cloud for Legacy Application

About The Client

The client is a leading global solutions provider focused on healthcare ICT and mobile workflow solutions which provides on-site healthcare solutions which are open, vendor-agnostic, and standards-based, so they can integrate with a wide range of healthcare devices, systems, and apps to deliver contextualised alerts in a consumable format.


The client owns multiple systems which orchestrate the business processes within the hospital. All of these core systems are built on legacy technologies. The client decided to move all the products to Cloud (Azure) including HA and DR for each of them. Most of these systems require Lift and Shift approach with minimal changes in the application. Client step 1 is to first create the High Availability for these systems on the Cloud.

The Challenge

The client is running their current legacy Application workload with the high availability of On-Prem infrastructure. The way HA was planned on-Prem was not supported by Azure cloud however the business needs HA to be planned without making any changes in the application on the Azure Cloud.

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