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Implementation of CICD Pipeline for Healthcare Industry

Implementation of CICD Pipeline for Healthcare Industry

About The Client

The client is a leading healthcare provider in Australia looking to build a SaaS-based system that enables a new, highly disruptive business model – a mobile, anywhere/anytime solution that enables doctors, specialists, practice managers, and support staff to securely access and update their appointments, patient records, consult notes and lab test results from any digital device that has an Internet connection.

The Challenge

In this competitive era, every business aims at providing the best product and service to its customers in no time. The client aims at creating one platform where all Australia-based practices can access the application via the internet which can be affordable and more accessible. For this, the application to be hosted on the Azure cloud and had two prime requirements:

  • They were looking for Azure expertise that would provide solutions / best practices on Azure and help them implement the entire Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) with no manual intervention and auto rollbacks in the case of deployment failures with Azure services and its features.
  • A highly scalable and reliable architecture for their application that can scale accordingly with more practice attached to the application over the period.
  • A CapEx-based solution instead of an OpEx for the application, in order to change the architecture of the application, later if needed.

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