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Lowcode/Nocode Transforms
Manual To Automated Ticketing
Management System

Lowcode/Nocode Transforms
Manual To Automated Ticketing
Management System

About the Client

The client is a growing OTT platform and have a requirement to manage the complaints, grievances and software issues coming on the platform. They are looking to establish a proper ticket management system. Earlier they were using excel to manage the tickets and the process was working fine but with increase in business, flows of tickets got increased as well. As a company they decided to create a proper management system, where ticket can track within people and departments. They want an automate process to create the ticket in the system as soon as they receive the email or user can add the ticket from the website as well.

The Challenges

  • Non-Scalable Manual Methods: using of the excel sheet to manage the complete support process is a non-scalable method.
  • Limited Scalability Challenges: Manual systems struggle to scale as the company expands, causing operational bottlenecks.
  • No Data Management: There was no data management and versioning in the excel
  • Increased Error Risks: Manual ticketing processes pose a risk of human errors, impacting data accuracy.
  • No reporting: Unable to any data analysis on the ticketing
  • Tracking of the ticket: Ticket tracking was a not possible in
  • High Time to Market: Creating any tool for Ticket management was delaying the time to
  • High Cost: Buying any SAAS tool was increasing the operational
  • Data Security: As the data is present in excel so anyone can see and transfer data to any



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