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SAAS Based Mortgage System for a US based Agency.

SAAS Based Mortgage System for a US based Agency.

About The Client

The client is in the domain of Mortgage in the US. In the US companies provide loans to pay property taxes. Our client is one of the companies which provide loans like this. Our client needs a system that can manage the complete loan cycle starting from CRM to post-loan support. At present they use multiple systems to support the complete life cycle of loans.

The Challenge

  • The client uses multiple systems which do not talk to each other. At present they manual export data from one system to another system like CRM leads get exported to Underwriting Application manually through excel
  • Cost to manage all these systems is very high. Though they only use 1/4th part of these systems to manage their business.
  • The current systems are not scalable to handle the data of millions of properties. Some of the other systems get failed to support the high number of transactions.
  • As per the compliance in the US, the data need to be stored for the next 5 years. The current system data is not connected so in case of audits they have to spend weeks and months relating the data.
  • They are pioneers in this field, they want to commercialize this system to other small mortgage companies in a SAAS model.

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