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Seat Assignment Application
With Power Apps

Seat Assignment Application
With Power Apps

About the Client

The client is a recruitment start-up based in Australia that began operations during the Covid-19 pandemic. Embracing a hybrid work model with limited office visits, employees and teams are required to come in once or twice a week. To streamline seat allocation, the client sought to automate the process. Choosing Power Apps was the perfect solution, as it allows internal employees to easily access and utilize the application.


In an effort to understand the agency’s needs, Metaorange initiated a collaborative partnership. Recognizing the potential of Power Apps, Metaorange proposed the development of an internal application. This canvas app facilitated seat booking across different office floors and was made accessible to all employees by default. The application also offers valuable reports, including capacity and employee seat allocation reports, enhancing operational efficiency within the organization.

The Challenges

  • US Based Recruitment company faced the challenge of managing seat assignments in their office premises during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a hybrid work model, where employees were called to the office on certain days, it was crucial to implement a system for employees to book seats in advance.
  • They required a quick and efficient solution to manage seat assignments while ensuring the safety and well-being of their workforce. The company preferred an internal app that could be built and deployed within a short timeframe.

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