Terms & Conditions

  1. Metaorange Dxigital provides 30 minutes free consultation only once to a client. Any other further consultation shall be billed on hourly basis
  2. Metaorange Digital is a service-based company, and every service solution is unique for every client. The quotation/estimation including efforts and commercial may vary from client to client.
  3. The terms and condition for each client shall be defined in the statement of work (SOW)/Service Agreement and the client shall be bound by those terms and conditions.
  4. The payment to be made to Metaorange Digital shall be provided in SOW/Service Agreement.
  5. The invoices shall be raised as per the schedule mention in the SOW/Service Agreement and the client is bound to make the payment in the stipulated time.
  6. The payments shall either be made directly into the bank account of the company or through the Links (Third party links like PayPal, Wise, Razorpay etc.) created by the company.
  7. All the communication shall be in writing only on the official email ID of Metaorange Digital
  8. The client is restricted on directly hiring any of Metaorange Digital employee or the contractors connected through Metaorange Digital
  9. Any client connecting with Metaorange Digital through the website cannot claim any right unless any specific agreement is signed between the client and Metaorange Digital
  10. In case of any delay in contacting the client who approached either through the website or otherwise, Metaorange Digital do not hold any liability.
  11. Metaorange Digital further holds no liability in the event of non-acceptance of an offer or an assignment by us
  12. All parties agree that they will handle personal information in accordance with the privacy laws.
  13. The only information that can be disclosed by any party is that which is required by the law.
  14. Both parties represent and warrant to the other party that there are no actions, claims, proceedings, or investigations pending or threatened against it or by it of which it is aware, and which may have a material effect on the subject matter of this contract.
  15. The termination clause shall be applicable as mentioned in the SOW/Service Agreement
  16. The client accepts the terms and conditions as set out within the terms and conditions on www.metaorangedigital.com