How to perform DevOps with
Test Driven Development ?

Testing is the most significant component of any code. Even the most expensive and carefully built projects meet failure without proper testing. Tesla recalled 135,000 vehicles due to a computer memory issue. It was later found to be due to a lack of proper testing. In another disastrous incident, the faulty software on a passenger airline killed more than 346 people. Integrating Test Driven Development provides an effective solution to the above-mentioned problems. This method designs the testing parameters and the expected results before even writing the first code.

What is Test Driven Development?

Test Driven Development is an Agile Practice where a test case drives software development. The code iterates in steps until it reaches a final solution that performs well in all the required parameters. Firstly, we design a test called the failing test. We design a test case while keeping one desired behavior of the software in mind. The test case fails immediately as the code does not meet its requirements.

Then, a code is written to pass the test. Developers write the new code only if the code has failed the test case. Further, only as much code is written as is needed to pass the test. Thus, there is no wasted effort. It is repeated as many times as the number of needed behaviours(unit functions).

For example, there is a need for a valid username in a program.

The requirements for the test case include writing it without spaces, capitalizing the first letter, avoiding special characters and numbers, etc.

Research shows that TDD is likely to reduce errors in software by as much as 60%.


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Publish Date

19 December, 2022

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