Steps to Migrate Cloud Based Architecture
to a Cloud Native Architecture

Assess Existing Systems and Applications

The first step is to analyze your existing apps and learn about their limits. If you already have any other apps, you may use those to gauge the new system’s operational worth.

you’ll see the big picture of your apps and how they work together, which will help you identify where you stand and what steps you need to take to get to where you want to be.

Design and Build Cloud Native Microservices

The next is redesigning everything in the application as per the cloud-native architecture. It includes everything from breaking down monolithic applications into different deployable services.

To make a modification or add a new feature, it is sufficient to modify a single microservice. Redesigned architecture to focus on developer data and made each logical group of entities into a service with write/read access just for itself.

Containerize And Deploy

Containerized services should employ the serverless paradigm whenever possible. Additionally, the build, test, and deploy processes should be entirely automated. By containerizing services, it ensures that microservices do not interfere with one another.

Moreover, containers prevent programs from using up all of the host’s shared resources, while also enabling the use of multiple instances of the same service.

Implement Orchestration and Service Meshes

Container orchestration technologies are used to manage the complex life cycles of containers. Container orchestration systems handle resource management, load balancing, restart scheduling after an internal failure, and provisioning and deploying containers on server cluster nodes.

Monitor And Optimize

Last but not least, is monitoring the application after the migration. You can continuously monitor and use the different data for migration, scaling, and deployment of cloud-based architecture to a cloud-native architecture.

The needed optimization is done to integrate the new features, and technologies making the cloud-based architecture into a cloud-native architecture.



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Publish Date

1 February, 2023

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